Vietnam International Choir Competition

Little celebrities to join Vietnam International Choir Competition

Ha Noi Catholic Youth Choir reached the Finals at Vietnam’s Got Talent

The Ha Noi Catholic Youth Choir is a very young choir. It was founded in June 2015 with the aim for greater glory of God through its activities related to music. The groups’ repertoire focusses on Sacred Music and it usually performs in masses.

In 2016 the singers aged 18-31 qualified for the TV show "Vietnam’s Got Talent", the Vietnamese edition of the popular “Got Talent” series that airs on national TV screens all around the world.

Their performances inspired the jury and the audience, so they reached even the Final Rounds of the show and became celebrated all over Vietnam as little celebrities. Here’s is a video of the group performing “Hail Holy Queen”, the famous and energetic song in the “Sister Act” movie version, starring Whoopie Goldberg:

For the 5th Vietnam International Choir Competition to be held in Hoi An from June 7-11, 2017 the choir stated they would hope to bring its best to everyone and at the same time to learn from the others.

Registration for the event ends on February 13 – if you’re interested to join the Ha Noi Catholic Youth Choir, order all information on participation and registration here. For all event details check the website www.hoi-an.interkultur.com.