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Hello Council Special Talk Show: Greetings to Auckland!

Chinese Choral scene looks forward to the upcoming World Choir Games


To celebrate the grand opening of the 13th World Choir Games in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2024, INTERKULTUR China, with the support of INTERKULTUR and the World Choir Council, organized the 2024 WCC Forum (Asia-Pacific/China) and the special talk show, "Greetings to Auckland."

This event went live on May 31, featuring three WCC representatives as guest speakers, Mr. Chen Guanghui (China), Mr. Meng Dapeng (China), Mr. Raymond Fu (China/Hong Kong SAR) and the famous Chinese composer and conductor Mr. Xia Yanbin.

Under the chairmanship of Ms. Li Qixuan, Project Manager of “Hello Council”, we relived unforgettable moments of previous WCGs, talked about the development of Chinese choirs compared to other choirs worldwide through the "Belt and Road" initiative and provided suggestions for fans of the WCGs of how to prepare best for this major event. More than 5200 Chinese viewers participated in the live broadcast, and more than 10,000 people watched the review video.

Referring to the development of China's choirs with respect to the initiative "Belt and Road" Mr. Meng Dapeng said: "The last two decades, especially the last seven or eight years, represent the fastest stage of China's choral development. I am very grateful for the platform of WCGs and World Choir Events. Through these platforms, more and more excellent choirs and young conductors have emerged, and I have appreciated new works of different styles by composers around the world. I can exchange and learn with international choirs and conductors. This platform has played a very important role in connecting China's choirs with the world."

Mr. Xia Yanbin introduced to the audience the spreading and development of Chinese works in recent years worldwide from the perspective of a composer, and highlighted the workshop that he will hold during the series of activities at the World Choir Events in the Belt and Road during WCG2024. It is worth mentioning that the benefit for viewers of ‘I'm Growing with the Masters’ during the live broadcast is to experience the workshop as an expert participant. Thus “Hello Council” once again connected the ties of friendship between professional and amateur choirs.

The WCG2024 are about to start! As Prof. Wu Lingfen, one of the Chinese WCC representatives, mentioned in a greeting video: "I am looking forward to choirs from all over China showcasing their talents, sharing their stories, and working together with choir friends from around the world to create a wonderful music chapter during this WCG! Greetings to Auckland!"

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