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Cantica Collegium musicum wins the Hoi An Choir Prize 2023

Results of the 7th Vietnam International Choir Competition

Vietnam International Choir Competition

The Awards Ceremony of the 7th Vietnam International Choir Competition in Hoi An tonight was a moment filled with unforgettable emotions. Tears of joy and cheers echoed throughout the venue as the winners were announced.

After two intense days of competition across various categories, the best choirs took to the stage once again for the final Grand Prize Competition. During the Awards and Closing Ceremony, the anticipation in the air was palpable as the overall winner of the prestigious "Hoi An Choir Prize 2023" was about to be announced.

Finally, the long-awaited announcement was made, and the winning choir was met with thunderous applause and well-deserved recognition for their incredible performance.

Congratulations to Cantica Collegium musicum from Slovakia and their conductor Štefan Sedlický!

All in all, the jury awarded 19 Golden and 2 Silver Medals to the participating choirs.

The winners of the different competition categories are:

A1 – Mixed Choirs – Difficulty Level I

UCSI Chamber Choir (Malaysia)
conducted by Vivian Lim Xiau Yin

A2 – Equal Voices – Difficulty Level I

Malaysian Institute of Arts Ladies' Chorus (Malaysia)
conducted by Susanna Saw

B1 – Mixed Choirs – Difficulty level II

Saigon Choir (Vietnam)
conducted by Thai Huynh Quang

B2 – Equal Voices – Difficulty level II

Saigon Female Choir (Vietnam)
conducted by Thai Huynh Quang

C1 – Chamber Choirs of Mixed Voices

The Bangkok Voices (Thailand)
conducted by Kittiporn Tantrarungroj

G3 – Youth Choirs of Mixed Voices

St. Joseph's Private School Chamber Choir (Malaysia)
conducted by Benedict Lo

S – Sacred Choral Music

Cantica Collegium musicum (Slovakia)
conducted by Štefan Sedlický

SP – Spirituals

The Bangkok Voices (Thailand)
conducted by Kittiporn Tantrarungroj

Click here for a complete list of results including all choirs, categories, scores and all Special Prizes:

Hoi An 2023_Results

Thanks to all participants for a fantastic event in Hoi An! It was a fantastic start in our new choral year and we’re pleased that we were able to come back to this wonderful city after 4 year.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the event, too, and we'll see you again very soon!

For a live recording of the Grand Prize competition and for streams of the different competition categories, check out our event page on Facebook!