Opening Ceremony in Calella

Canta al mar 2015 has begun

The international choirs were welcomed by the city of Calella

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From today the "Canta al mar" - Festival Coral Internacional is officially opened. We are so happy to welcomed 49 choirs from 23 nations with around 1500 singers in the Catalonian city.

The first official part of the Opening Day was the Choir Parade, where all international singers came together and marched with flags and country signs through the inner city of Calella. All choirs cheered and sung for the beginning of the festival and were happy to be part of the event. The parade was accompanied by the marching band "Munster" from Calella.

After the parade arrived at the Pati de l’Ós, the fanfare of the festival sounded. All singers and the international jury were welcomed by the Mayor of Calella, Montserrat Candini i Puig. She was sharing her joy about the fact, that "Canta al mar" already belongs to the certain part of the event calendar of Calella. 

The highlight of the Official Welcoming was the Singing Together of the hymn "Viva Musica Mundi" and the piece "Amigos para siempre". The second piece was sung together with festival choir Mladinski Oevski Pevski Zbor Gimnazije Maribor from Slovenia and two soloists, nilcuding the jury member Albert Deprius.  Under the direction of Executive Artistic Director Ralf Eisenbeiß the audience joined in the Singing Together, so the whole park was brought to sound! The atmosphere in the Pati de l’Ós was amazing! Thank you for that!

The evening continues with the official Opening Concert, which will start at 21h in the Església de Santa Maria I Sant Nicolau. We are still curious about the performances of the choirs from Puerto Rico, China, Finland and Sweden.

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