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A special "Fusion" of international voices in Grado

Choirs sing at the 8th Isola del Sole – International Choir Competition and Festival in Italy

Isola del Sole

From September 28 until October 2, 2016 the already 8th edition of the "Isola del Sole – International Choir Competition and Festival" will unite choirs from all parts of the world to a sing along under the Italian sun of Grado.

The event includes a colorful and varied program of concerts and participation opportunities. Besides competitions and pedagogical offers, such as the Evaluation Performances with international choral experts, INTERKULTUR provides a special exchange program this year: The "Fusion" Friendship Concert. Here choirs have the unique chance to rehearse and to stage choral pieces under the direction of another conductor – preferably from another country. At the same time conductors can prove their musicianship together with singers unknown to them. So they can gather valuable experiences in dealing with timbre and size of an ensemble.

Grado, also called Sunny Island or Golden Island, is located at the northern corner of the Adriatic Sea and blazes with Venetian flair. Only a small strip of ground connects the island with the mainland. The historic city center is shaped by small squares, narrow alleys and aligned scenic fisher huts. Numerous canals and maze-like situated isles make it easy to fall in love with the beautiful spots of the city and its inimitable character.

Choirs, which already have decided to be part of the event "8th Isola del Sole – International Choir Competition and Festival", have the chance to benefit from the early bird discount, until February 29, 2016. All information about participation and registration can be found at the event’s website.

Venetian flair in Grado

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