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3 Best Things to Do in your Next Choir Trip to Verona

Memorable, romantic and delicious: make the most of your experience!


Verona is one of the most charming Italian cities and Goethe and Mozart already named it a holiday spot long ago. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city has impressive history and culture to offer and it is no wonder choirs keep choosing it among their top Italian destinations.

It was not accidentally that we chose this city for ON STAGE in Verona among the many other top spots we carefully selected for our choirs. The city is delightfully compact and walkable and sightseeing in Verona feels such a breeze that you won’t ever have to think about transportation.

So, if you and your friends are already planning a choir trip to Verona, here are a few more ideas to pack along and make sure you take some great memories home.

Make your Choir Trip Photographically Memorable: Take a Choir Picture in the Arena di Verona

You can’t miss this one! It is Verona’s own Colosseum and sits right in the center of the historic town.

Built in the first century, the Arena is one of the best-preserved ancient structures of its kind with its original seating and exterior arches still intact (get the picture hint?). In its heyday, it could sit about 30,000 spectators. Today, it is famous for the large-scale opera performances of the Arena Opera Festival, held every year from June to September.

To get in the Arena you can either buy a group ticket on the spot for €7,50 or get the Verona Card if you’re planning to explore more. Get the Verona Card for 24 or 48 hours, for €20 or €25 respectively, to enjoy either free or reduced fee entrance to top attractions, monuments and churches, plus discounted tickets to selected concerts, opera and theatre productions and free bus travel.

Now … time for that picture we mentioned! You’ll want to remember your choir trip to Verona, right? So, line up and say CHEESE! Want some posing ideas for your choir? Take a hint from the pictures here.

Make your Choir Trip to Verona Romantic: Sing a Serenade under Juliet’s Balcony

Juliet’s balcony is the first image that comes to mind for many when thinking about Verona.

Although much is debatable about the connection between Shakespeare’s play and the actual house of Juliet in Verona, it is in fact the only location in the world where you can say that Love has a Home. Millions of visitors every year visit Juliet’s Balcony, write love letters, scribble love wishes on the walls and sweethearts can even lock their love lock on the gate. Now, that’s pure human emotion, and that’s not debatable at all. 

What better place to sing a serenade with your choir? Here’s a list of easy love songs to sing.

Make sure you go early in the morning before all the tourists flock in. The acoustics will surprise you!

Make your Choir Trip to Verona Delicious: Taste great Italian Food in Piazza delle Erbe

The diamond shaped Piazza delle Erbe is a buzzing square in the heart of Verona that used to serve as a place of forum during the Roman Empire. 

Conveniently, you can find lots of important buildings surrounding the square: Torre Lamberti (the best panoramic view of the city), the Palazzo Maffeia and the Case dei Giudici.

A selection of cafes and restaurants, souvenir and food stalls, as well as fountains and marble statues make this busy square a feast for the senses. Head for a stroll during the afternoon and taste some good Italian food and drink a Spritz with a cicchetto. Enjoy life the Italian way!

Not too big not too small Verona allows you to walk through history itself. And what better company to do this than with your choir members. Start planning your next choir trip to Verona with us by joining ON STAGE in Verona 2022. You will definitely enjoy singing in our carefully selected concert venues, the walking city tour, and the workshop where you will learn to sing a few Italian pieces.



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We hope to see you soon!