Singers in colorful dresses

World Festival Singers

The project choir for individual singers

World Choir Games 2016

On the occasion of the World Choir Games 2016 INTERKULTUR offers as of now the opportunity also for individual singers to be part of the musical big event. The "World Festival Singers" enable to perform with singers from different nations in concert as well as to experience the world of choral music in Sochi live.

Together with international conductors the project choir, which consists of singers from all over the world, will rehearse the "Songs of our World" and present them on tour from July 10-20, 2016 in the Russian metropolises Sochi, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Interested singers and small groups, which will not compete during the World Choir Games, can apply for the new project under mail(at)

Sing along with the "World Festival Singers" and discover the voices of the world!