Choirs from different nations meeting at the World Choir Games © Nolte Photography

World Choir Games 2021: Meet your (musical) Twin!

New ways of building bridges and connecting people across the globe

World Choir Games 2021

The past year has certainly unsettled many aspects of our lives, but in a way, it has also challenged us to find new and creative ways to respond to the various facets of these unprecedented circumstances.

In fact, while the pandemic has largely been dividing and isolating people worldwide, the World Choir Games 2021 in Flanders became an occasion to look for new ways of building bridges and connecting people across the globe. In this way, when many choirs that had registered to the event had to cancel their participation due to restrictions caused by the pandemic, a new chapter of the history of the Games was opened…

The 11th edition of the World Choir Games, taking place from October 30 to November 7 in Flanders, will host for the first time a part of the competition online for all worldwide choirs that will be unable to travel.

At the same time, all choirs that had initially registered for the on-site event and had to review their plan, there will be the brand-new opportunity to be paired with an on-site choir and be part of an exclusive program of activities together!

Seats for this exciting program will be limited, so make sure to keep on reading to find out how to apply!

A new chapter in the history of the World Choir Games

For the first time in the history of the Games, the World Choir Games 2021 will also have a new virtual part of the competition that will defy physical borders and travel restrictions by bringing together hundreds of voices spread around the globe.

Moreover, during the competition, a “Virtual Village” online will allow the singers of the Virtual Competition to follow the events taking place on-site in Flanders.

Sharing feelings, meeting old friends and making new ones - the Virtual Village of the World Choir Games 2021 will be the place where to meet like-minded people from all over the world and share a common passion: choral music!

This is why this fall we’ll see a surely memorable new edition of the world’s largest international choir competition.

However, among all these exciting novelties, one thing could not have changed…

“Sing together, share the happiness … with a musical twin!

While some choirs will have to stay home due to the current situation and take part in the competition only virtually, we wanted to make sure they wouldn’t miss out on the typical warm and vibrant atmosphere, as well as on the cheerful and uplifting experience, of this great competition.

“Sing together, share the happiness”: inspired by the slogan of the World Choir Games 2021, the organizers created the program “Meet your musical twin at the virtual village!”

For all the choirs that had to cancel their original registration to the on-site event, there will be the unique opportunity to virtually connect with an on-site choir. Our goal is to create long-term connections between choirs who have similar interests, repertoires, and vibes!

These 'Twin Choirs' will then be able to be part of an exclusive program and enjoy a variety of entertaining activities together. These will include:

  • Online jam sessions
  • Open discussions sharing tips & tricks
  • Meet & greet with singers and conductors
  • Parties
  • …and much more!

In this special 11th edition of the World Choir Games, the power of singing will therefore continue to bring together people and cultures across the globe in new and unique ways!

Seats are limited! Don’t miss out: apply to this thrilling opportunity by simply filling in this form by September 24!

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