© Photo: Maria Fäldt
European Choir Games 2019

“We can fly”

Official song of the European Choir Games 2019 released

The Swedish Choir Centre West, a choir association based in Gothenburg with the aim to strengthen and develop the regional choir scene, has commissioned the official song for the Grand Prix of Nations Gothenburg 2019 & 4th European Choir Games: “We can fly”, which was now released, was created by Susanna Lindmark, a Swedish composer, lecturer, artistic director and choir manager of the vocal ensemble Arctic Light as well as board member of the Swedish Choir Association. Her unique artistic expression has been praised and awarded both in Sweden and internationally, e.g. with her announcement as the Children and Youth Choirs Choral Conductor of the Year in Sweden 2017.


Her focus is on giving each singer space for musical and social development and creating possibilities for exploring one’s own potential. This also becomes perceptible in her song is called “We can fly” and Susanna Lindmark mentioned that she intended to give the song wings:  “I wanted to encourage the singers to sing together and let the music flow through their heart and soul. Because we know that it’s possible – together we can fly!” There will be numerous occasions to hear the song e.g. during the Opening Ceremony, where it will be sung by a choir of 350 singers performing together with the Bohuslän Big Band, during the whole festival week and of course at the Closing Concert, where it will be performed by a great arrangement for choir and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

Listen to “We can fly” at http://ecggothenburg2019.com/en/2019/07/the-song-we-can-fly-is-here/ and find out more about the song and the event at http://ecggothenburg2019.com/en/ or https://www.interkultur.com/events/european-choir-games/gothenburg-2019/  or at Facebook!