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"We are part of it"

A greeting goes around the world

Choir Games

Show the international choral scene, how colorful the World Choir Games 2016 will be! Take a picture of you together with the Sochi statement in front of a sight, which is representing your country, and then share it on the official Facebook-Fanpage "World Choir Games 2016".

How to be part of the campaign?

  1. Choose one of three different statements: "I am part of it", "We are part of it" or "Welcome to Sochi"
  2. Download your favorite statement and print it in a size, in which the text will be seen clearly on your future photo (Tip: There are no limits for your creative ideas)
  3. Look for an impressive sight of your choice, in which the country is clearly recognizable
  4. Show the versatility of the World Choir Games 2016! Take a photo of you and the printed statement and upload it as greet on the official Facebook fan-page "World Choir Games 2016"

We are excited about your ideas and which sights you will present. Let your creativity run wild!

You can download all PDF files here:

I am part of it (1.24 MB)

We are part of it (1.01 MB)

Welcome to Sochi (877 KB)

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