The Rundfunk- Jugendchor Wernigerode at the Opening Concert

Big challenge for the Rundfunk-Jugendchor Wernigerode

New singers perform the Opening Concert after four rehearsals only

European Choir Games 2015

Those who attended the Opening Concert of the European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations on Sunday, July 5, enjoyed the live performance of the Rundfunk- Jugendchor Wernigerode! The choir is one of the leading excellent ensembles in the field of Mixed Youth Choirs. Numerous recordings for television and film as well as radio- and sound carriers, productions of disks and CDs proof the choir’s outstanding artistic level.

Probably the one or other noticed that single girls didn’t wear the typical concert dresses. Usually all girls are performing in long orange velvet dresses, the young men in classical black suits. The conductor of the Rundfunk-Jugendchor Peter Habermann explained the question of dressing to us:
„The Rundfunk-Jugendchor has girls from the classes 11 and 12 as well as boys from 9 – 12 who grew out of mutation. Every year high-school graduates leave the school and thus also the choir. At this time the cast of the choir is newly constructed immediately: the new girls (from the girls` choir) are actually in the choir since July 4th and were a little concerned but after a short time highly motivated. I offered them to accept the challenge and sing at the Opening Concert too, after just four rehearsals. They had no official choir dresses yet, but that was the only eye-catching fact, because they sung without any sheets of music like everybody else. They had some support from the ranges of high-school graduates and with a total of 90 singers the performance on Sunday was a great success for us and we are proud to have been part of this event.”

After the concert everyone agreed: The girls brilliantly passed the challenge!

At the Opening Concert the choir presented an ambitious program, so there´s no doubt left why the choir was chosen as the first awardee at the 9th Deutscher Chorwettbewerb 2014 (German Choir Competition) in Weimar.

In a recording of the Opening Concert you can get a short musical impression:

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