John Rutter, Riga 2017 © Studi43
World Choir Games 2018

John Rutter composes new anthem for the World Choir Games

World premiere at the Opening of the WCG 2018 in South Africa

Since the year 2000, when the first World Choir Games (WCG) were held in Linz, Austria, the “Choir Olympic Hymn” has traditionally sounded at the events Opening and Closing Ceremonies. The composition which had been written specifically for the first World Choir Games has been an integral part and symbol of the Choir Olympic idea of “Singing together brings nations together” at the nine preceding World Choir Games events.

On the occasion of the 10th World Choir Games and the 30th anniversary of INTERKULTUR there will be a new anthem presented this year: “One Voice – Anthem for the World Choir Games”. The piece will premiere at the Opening Ceremony of the 10th World Choir Games 2018 in Tshwane, South Africa, on July 4 and thus be introduced to the international choral world for the first time. The new anthem of the World Choir Games has been written by one of the most popular choral composers of our times: John Rutter (Great Britain), who is one of INTERKULTUR’s Honorary Artistic Presidents since 2017.

Prof. Dr. Ralf Eisenbeiß, INTERKULTUR’s Senior Artistic Director is highly satisfied with the result of this special collaboration with John Rutter: “The new anthem is fantastic! We’re sure that this is one of the most beautiful compositions Rutter has written so far. We’re very proud of this cooperation.”

Music and lyrics of John Rutter’s new piece will surely touch the hearts of thousands of singers from all over the world:

“But when many voices join together, then you have a choir. Singing with one voice, one hope, one heart’s desire…”

When in July the flag of the World Choir Games will be raised along with the sounds of the new hymn for the first time, the Choir Olympic spirit – Participation is the greatest honor – will once again inspire the international choral world.

For those who’d like to get a sneak peek of the new piece already: The first two pages of the piano scores are available for download here:

One Voice - Piano Score - p.1-2 (145 KB)

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