Welcome to INTERKULTUR, the world's leading organizer of international choir competitions and festivals since 1988.

Our mission is born by the idea of bringing together people of all countries, cultures and world views in peaceful competitions.

These are the
World Choir Games

The idea to create an event like the World Choir Games is based on the Olympic ideals, which aim to peacefully unify people and nations connected by song in a fair competition. This idea is supposed to inspire people to experience the power of interaction by singing together...

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The World Choir Games

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Singing together brings nations together

More about INTERKULTUR and the World Choir Games. In addition to a range of regional competitions and festivals, the organization also arranges continental-wide events.

Günter Titsch

Where people sing …

More about the president of INTERKULTUR and inventor of the World Choir Games.

World's best choirs

Rankings of the Top 1000 choirs and ensembles

Overview and single lists of all amateur choirs and ensembles of the INTERKULTUR events of the last 5 years.