Content & Levels

The studies are mainly based on international repertoire and contain different aspects of important choral education areas. Finishing each course, the participants should have developed at various levels. For the postgraduate level, the same skills and knowledge as for the elementary level will have been developed, but at a higher level. The following main groups of studies will be part of the studies on different levels. The different subjects will be divided into different study levels, in the end leading to different kinds of diplomas.

Introduction to international choral music
(époques, history, style)

These studies are meant to give a survey on international choral traditions and an overview on important choral music from different époques and of the different stylistic elements that are relevant. At least 50 scores per study period (stage) will be presented, some of them only for orientation, some of them for detailed study and interpretation through singing, listening and conducting.

Choir methods

This course will present:

  • knowledge about the conductor’s different roles in the choir, both in musical and social context
  • knowledge about the singer’s different roles, expectations and needs – both in musical and social context
  • rehearsal pedagogy and methodology
  • how to train the choir vocal techniques
  • intonation
  • how to find a good sound quality in the choir
  • how to relate to text and phrasing

Conducting techniques

Elementary level
This course is meant for amateur conductors who want to get an introduction into the basics of choral conducting. The course will contain some individual training, but will mainly consist of group education. At the third stage (the third period) the participants will be asked to show their skills through a conducting test before achieving the final diploma.

Postgraduate level
This course is meant for more experienced choral directors with education from university or conservatorium. The course will concentrate on the conducting of international choral repertoire with an emphasis on interpretation and refined choral conducting. The third stage (the third period) will be a master class, where the participants will conduct a concert program in a concert situation before achieving the final diploma.

At the end of the courses all participants will receive diplomas depending on the level of the course, how many and which courses they have taken part in earlier and if they have shown special talents during the courses.