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Our best choirs at a glance

The INTERKULTUR World Rankings 2017 are complete

Golden autumn days recently enchanted choirs and audience at international choir competitions in Porec (Croatia), Kalamata (Greece), Colombo […]

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Chorona Buseck e.V. wins a choir trip to Zwickau

Awarding of the winners of the hr4 choir competition

The first choir rehearsal after autumn break was a very special one for Chorona Buseck e.V.: In September the choir competed in the choir […]

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Memorial plaque dedicated to Christian Ljunggren

Honor to the late Honorary President of INTERKULTUR

Christian Ljunggren was Artistic Directors and Honorary President of INTERKULTUR and paved the way for the International Choir Competition […]


Mourning for Aleksandar Vujić

Serbian composer passes away at the age of 71

INTERKULTUR mourns for the Serbian representative in the World Choir Council and an important supporter of the Choral Olympic movement: The […]

Birthday wishes

Birthday bumps to John Rutter!

INTERKULTUR congratulates the British composer on his special day

The whole international team of INTERKULTUR sends today all the best birthday wishes to its Honorary Artistic President John Rutter!  […]

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Plans for further cooperation between INTERKULTUR and the city of Guangzhou

Letter of intent regarding an international youth culture exchange has been signed

The cooperation between INTERKULTUR and the South Chinese city of Guangzhou is still growing. Last week a delegation from Guangzhou led by […]

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Working together for boosting singing together

INTERKULTUR cooperates with the new online platform

INTERKULTUR, the organizer of the world’s largest choir competition, the World Choir Games, cooperates from September 2017 on with the […]

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„Sing your song“: hr4 choir competition

INTERKULTUR donates the first prize for the winning choir

The radio station hr4 from the state of Hesse in Germany is searching „Hesse’s favorite choir“ and thus started the choir competition „Singt […]

INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch

Chinese notable composer & director Xu Xiyi passed away

Letter of condolences by INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch

In the afternoon of August 22, Xu Xiyi, one of the composers of “Moon of the Mid-autumn Festival”, notable composer & director, President of […]

World Rankings

The new INTERKULTUR World Ranking is out!

Now including results from seven previous events

Sing’n’Joy Princeton (USA), Voices for Peace (Assisi/Italy), Canta en Primavera (Málaga/Spain), Vietnam International Choir Competition […]