Canta en Primavera - Festival Coral Internacional

Sing in Spring!

Haapsalu Kammerkoor is the first participating choir in Málaga

Spring in Málaga does not only stand for nature's awakening but is also symbol of many-voiced singing of choirs from all over the world. One […]

International Choral Scene

Choral music in Benin

Felix Nassi about the choral situation of his home country

Choral music for a long time was only connected to the Christian churches in Benin, but nowadays more and more it has become a popular art […]

World Choir Games 2018

South Africa - Land of Singing

Whereever they go, Kearsney College Choir becomes the audience's favorite

Kearsney College Choir from South Africa is a familiar face at past World Choir Games and also won the Champion's title three times. […]

Wernigerode 2015

Europe’s most colorful choral festival awaits you!

In 2017 Wernigerode celebrates the 10th Johannes Brahms Choir Festival & Competition

Wernigerode, a cozy town in the middle of the Harz region in Germany. But every two years something special happens: Singers from all over […]

European Choir Games 2017

Night is too short to sleep

On Midsummer’s Day Latvia goes wild

Let’s stay awake all night long and welcome the rising sun! This becomes true for every Latvian once a year, namely on summer solstice day […]

Sing'n'Joy Princeton

Singing at Westminster Choir College

First choirs have registered for Sing’n’Joy Princeton 2017

Sing’n’Joy Princeton will be a unique choir festival in the INTERKULTUR event series featuring performances of the world renowned […]

International Choral Scene

South Africa - land of singing

Stellenbosch University Choir holds #1 in the INTERKULTUR World Rankings

"Since its beginnings choirs from South Africa have been fascinating the audience and the singers from all over the world at the INTERKULTUR […]

World Choir Games 2016

The WCG2016 Mascot has landed!

Russian Firebird unites cultures at the Olympic Games of choral singing

On the occasion of the World Choir Games 2016, which will take place in less than three weeks in Sochi, we proudly present you today the […]

Chorfest Watzenborn-Steinberg

An overwhelming Gala Concert in Pohlheim

International choirs impressed the Hessian audience

On the occasion of the Opening Concert of the Chorfest Watzenborn-Steinberg on July 17, 2016 three international top-class choirs presented […]

World Choir Games 2018

"There is a lot of friendliness that you will experience"

Ludumo Magangane, member of the World Choir Council, about the World Choir Games to be held in Tshwane, South Africa

What does it mean to you personally having the World Choir Games 2018 in your home country? Having the World Choir Games 2018 in South […]