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Colorful, more colorful, Melodia

A children's choir with international roots

On the occasion of the International Choir Festival to be held from April 19-23 some VOICES FOR PEACE will come together in Assisi and will enter in a peaceful competition. One of the participating choirs is "Melodia", a children's choir from Munich with roots from Greece, Sweden and other European countries.

Most of the 8-18 year-old singers mainly visit Greece-sponsored schools in Munich and the surrounding area. The reasons for this are mostly due to the life stories of the parents: In the sixties and seventies many Greeks came to Munich as guest workers and stayed there. Others came back to Germany during the last economic unrests in their homeland. In Germany they felt welcome and were familiar with culture and language. Their children, many of them are singing at Melodia, have the opportunity to live both German and Greece culture and traditions.

On the initiative of Archpriest Georgios Vletsis "Melodia" was launched in 2012 in order to support the student’s cultural knowledge. Under the direction of Maria Criniti, the Children's Choir is already performing several times a year and presents a program of Greek and European songs and Byzantine anthems.

In collaboration with an associated drama group Melodia has already enjoyed great success with a performance of the musical "Annie" (2013), "To xylo vgike apo ton Paradeiso" (2015) and lastly with the opera "Hänsel und Gretel" by Engelbert Humperdinck (2016).

We are looking forward to welcome the young singers in Assisi and are curious about the songs they will present us.