Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

A “Liederkreis” from Japan

Female choir travels to choir competition in Bad Ischl

In the year 2000 women of three generations aged 20-80 came together and decided to found a choir to focus on the art of song cycles and […]

Helsingborgs Körfestival

A place where even the king loved to stay

Sweden’s most beautiful café is located close to Helsingborg

Helsingborg is considered to be „the most friendly city in Sweden“ and enjoys this reputation also beyond its city borders. For example, a […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

Bad Ischl 2018 - That’s where it’s happening!

Benefit from the Early Bird discount for the International Choir Competition

Explore Austria’s secret capital Bad Ischl and join the International Choir Competition & Festival which takes place from May 02 – 06, 2018. […]

Johannes Brahms Int. Choir Festival & Competition

"The best year this festival has seen so far"

Spirits were running high on the last day in Wernigerode

It is music. It is not just a line-up of tones. Behind every note there is a secret. It is not just the rhythm. Behind every beat you can […]

Johannes Brahms Int. Choir Festival & Competition

A very special choir in the competition

Tianjin Dolphin Hearing Disabled Children’s Choir in Wernigerode

One's world should not exist without music - and it doesn't have to! The Tianjin Dolphin Hearing Disabled Children's Choir is the best […]

Johannes Brahms Int. Choir Festival & Competition

High-level competition closes Wernigeorde: Here are the results

17 Golden, and 10 Silver Diplomas were awarded

Following a fantastic, high-level Grand Prize Competition in Wernigerode the international jury awarded the Johannes Brahms Choir Prize 2017 […]

Johannes Brahms Int. Choir Festival & Competition

Benefit Concert in Halberstadt

Stellenberg Girls Choir meets Rundfunk-Jugendchor Wernigerode

What is music? Is it a line-up of tones? In some centuries, it was normal not to have a rhythm written down and just sing the notes freely. […]

Johannes Brahms Int. Choir Festival & Competition

„A concert that could not have been better”

Jubilee concert with amarcord in Wernigerode

Mysterious atmosphere in an old church. An unbelievably long, constant tone and voices coming from no-where. This was how began yesterday's […]

Johannes Brahms Int. Choir Festival & Competition

Fantastic Opening Concert in Wernigerode

International choirs present their amazing skills

„Singing together brings nations together.“ This INTERKULTUR motto clearly proved to be true last night at Sylvestri church. At the Opening […]

Anton Bruckner Choir Competition and Festival

Queens of Qoro Quando wins in Linz

Results of the Int. Anton Bruckner Choir Competition

Queens of Qoro Quando is the winner of the Anton Bruckner Choir Prize 2017 and receives a prize money of EUR 2000. Congratulations! After a […]