INTERKULTUR World Rankings

as of February 2013

(will be updated in January and September)

IMPORTANT CHANGES: In order to use a fair rating system for the world ranking list the system was revised in 2012 and adapted to the new types of events. It will be applied backdated to all events which took place since 2000. More details...

Children's and Youth Choirs

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Pos. Choir Conductor Country Points Category
1. Guangdong Experimental Middle School Choir Mingjing Xie China 1136 Y
2. Stellenberg Girls Choir André van der Merwe South Africa 1131 Y
3. Cantamus Girls' Choir Pamela Cook & Ann Irons Great Britain 1120 Y
4. Magnificat Ifjúsági Kórus Szebellédi Valéria Hungary 1115 C
5. Diocesan Schools Choral Society Ronnie Kay Yen Cheng China/Hongkong SAR 1109 Y
6. Stellenbosch University Choir André van der Merwe South Africa 1096 Y
7. Vocalista Angels Yason Christy Pranowo Indonesia 1092 C
8. Hamilton Children´s Choir Zimfira Poloz Canada 1079 C
9. Victoria Junior College Choir Nelson Kwei Singapore 1071 Y
10. Anderson Junior College Choir Nelson Kwei Singapore 1051 Y
11. Mansfield University Concert Choir Peggy Dettwiler USA 1044 Y
12. Shanghai Huangpu Youngster's Activity Center Spring Children's Choir Liangliang Xu & Wanjun Shen China 1040 C
13. Iuventus, Gaude! Tomas Pospisil Czech Republic 1039 Y
14. Lautitia Ifjúsági Vegyeskar József Nemes Hungary 1032 Y
14. Diocesan Boys' School Choir Ronnie Kay Yen Cheng China/Hongkong SAR 1032 Y
16. Detski Khor Cantilena Irena Sarnatskaya & Helena Salyuk Russia 1028 C
17. The "8 Seconds" Mixed Chorus of Hangzhou Normal University Bao Lin Yan China 1025 Y
17. Lautitia Gyermekkar József Nemes Hungary 1025 C
19. Stockholms Musikgymnasium Choir Bengt Ollén Sweden 1016 Y
20. Guangzhou Little Petrel Children's Choir Zhi Jun Diao China 1013 C
20. South China Normal University Female Choir Su Yanhui China 1013 Y
20. Muntinlupa Science High School Chorale Ivy Rose Casiguran-Puri Philippines 1013 Y
20. Methodist College Choir Sanjeev Jayaratnam Sri Lanka 1013 Y
20. Exodia Youth Choir Godlief Soumokil Indonesia 1013 Y
20. Muzikalno Khorovaya Shkola Radost Tatiana Zhdanova Russia 1013 Y
26. Clear Voices Albert Kozhushkevich Belarus 1001 Y
26. Mandaue Children's Choir Dennis Gregory Sugarol Philippines 1001 C
28. Diocesan Girls' School Choir Grace Chiang China/Hongkong SAR 999 Y
29. SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School Siu Mei Lee China/Hongkong SAR 990 Y
30. Gema Sangkakala Youth Choir Ivan Larry Besouw Indonesia 987 Y
30. Estonian TV Young Children's Choir Lii Leitmaa Estonia 987 Y
32. Karangturi Choir Petrus Wahyu Indonesia 986 C
33. Youth Choir "Preobrajhenie" Mikhail Slavkin Russia 984 Y
33. Jubilate Leánykar Budapest Ferenc Sapszon jr. Hungary 984 Y
35. Gioia di Cantare Torun Music School Children Choir Renata Szerafin-Wojtowicz Poland 982 C
36. Risbergska Skolans Vokalensemble Björn Johansson Sweden 976 Y
37. Tygerberg Children's Choir Hendrik D. Loock South Africa 974 C
38. Palu Children Choir PARENCHO Steven R. Mait & Hariady Indra Mantong Indonesia 969 C
39. Vdokhnovenie Children's Chor Moscow Olga Skvortsova Russia 966 C
39. Odawara Children's Choir Taeko Kuwabara Japan 966 Y
39. Konzertchor des Goethe-Gymnasiums Gera "Rutheneum" Christian K. Frank Germany 966 Y
39. Gyeong Ju YWCA Children's Choir In-Ju Kim Republic of Korea 966 C
39. Singapore Chinese Girls' School Choir Angela Goh Singapore 966 C
39. Lautitia Gyermekkar Nemes József Hungary 966 C
45. Calasiao Children's Chorus Gilbert Allan N. Dispo & Leo Jun G. Jugo Philippines 960 C
46. Die Primaner Jan Olberg Germany 956 Y
46. Cantores Cathedrales Eva Svanholm Bohlin Sweden 956 Y
46. Nanyang Girl's High School Choir Ai Hooi Lim Singapore 956 C
46. The Fireflies Chorus of Elementary School Yuqi Liu China 956 C
50. Li-Ron Choir Ronit Shapira Israel 952 Y
50. Raffles Voices Ban Sheng Toh Singapore 952 Y
50. Miriam College High School Glee Club Nancy Roman Philippines 952 Y
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Y=Youth Choirs, C=Children's Choirs/Chamber Choirs, V=Vocal Ensembles, S=Sacred Music/Spiritual, R=Music of the Religions,
P=Pop, J=Jazz, G=Gospel

For over twenty years the INTERKULTUR competitions have been amongst the most innovative events in the international choral scene. The choirs have been evaluated by high-ranking international adjudicators according to the MUSICA MUNDI evaluation system and awarded Golden, Silver and Bronze Diplomas and Medals.

The World Rankings, having retroactive effect back to the year 2000, make it possible to get an impressive overall comparison of all choirs that have participated in the INTERKULTUR competitions. Based upon these world rankings, individual lists are then made which reflect the situation in the various categories.

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