For 25 years MUSICA MUNDI® is the exclusive quality seal for all INTERKULTUR events worldwide.

Since the first competition that INTERKULTUR organized 1988 in Budapest the evaluation system, on which all events are based on, has been improved continuously. All INTERKULTUR events have this quality seal in common. It guarantees comparability among all events and has set standards in the world of choir music. 

Criteria for the MUSICA MUNDI quality seal

  • International character of Events
  • Numerous possibilities for participants to meet
  • High percentage of youths
  • Option to choose between numerous categories for all kinds and genres of choirs
  • Different levels of difficulty
  • The possible achievements of children’s choirs as well as choirs of the musical basis have to be considered especially.
  • Evaluation according to a consistent point based system
    • 30-points-system for all competitions (major events excluded)
    • 100-points-system for the World Choir Games
    • Evaluation according to the placing at Grand-Prix competitions
  • Evaluation by a competent international jury (generally 5 or 7 jurors)
  • Each competition must imply educational elements such as
    • Artistic counseling and monitoring by competent experts starting from the application until the award ceremony
    • Counseling session prior to the competition
    • Rehearsals with international jurors after the competition
    • Intensive evaluation discussions for conductors and choir representatives*
  • Lectures and workshops at the MUSICA MUNDI choral academy
    • Choir conducting workshops for young conductors
  • The results of the choir competitions are listed in the INTERKULTUR world rankings

* (Note: Not every event offers each element)