Hot Fundraising tips for Choirs

No cash for the choir competition?
We help you raising funds from sponsors!

1. Free concerts
Give free concerts and ask for donations! Think whether you can perform at a festival in town, the weekly market or similar events! Of course this idea is not new. However, your listeners will be definitely more generous if a certain project and your affair of the heart – your participation in a competition – is in the focus. Present this heart’s desire accordingly on posters, flyers or compose your own song!

2. From mayor to fan
Ask your mayor for a recommendation for your choir. After all you want to represent the region abroad with a good cause! Thus you will become a singing ambassador of your town! You can present this recommendation to potential sponsors in order to prove how high-ranking your performance is considered. And who knows – maybe the mayor also establishes important contacts or funds you with municipal moneys. The fact that the mayor has supported you so profoundly can be announced right at the next concert. Thus the mayor also benefits!

3. INTERKULTUR makes it official
INTERKULTUR also issues to you a recommendation which you can use as a "reputation". Contact us and we send our letter of recommendation to you!

4. Join a club
Is there e.g. a choral association in your federal state? Or does a cultural support-program exist in your town? Write to the according authorities and ask for support! Present your matter convincingly. Add recordings or photos to your inquiry! The first impression counts! Have you also thought of all friends and sponsors of your choir? Former members?

5. Business companies become fans
Ask local business companies whether they can sponsor your participation in the competition. Consider carefully which company could perhaps also establish a link to choral singing regarding its products, history or business philosophy so that it can use its sponsoring for own advertising purposes. Prepare your inquiry well and gather arguments what you can offer the respective company in return. The business also wants to benefit from its support!

Some businesses are even looking for ideas worth to support. The choir "Young People's Chorus of Erie" used this opportunity and joint in the Pepsi Refresh Project". The concept: Send dedicated young singers to compete at the World Choir Games. Even if the choir did not make it to become first, the attempt is worth it. Don't lose heart!

6... and finally: The concert goes to...
Organize a lottery, raffle one singing lesson, a free performance, your CD. Or auction a personal concert!

7. Merchandising
Design your own T-shirt with your choir’s signature, a baseball cap or a coffee cup. Sell these products at concerts.

8. Prominent intercessors
Win over well known personalities, prominent singers or music producers from your region who act as intercessors for your choir. Making a free cameo at your concert they could support you by attracting both public and media attention.

The German gospel choir "Rejoice Langenberg", for example, has found support from Hannelore Kraft, prime minister of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, concerning their participation in the 2012 World Choir Games in Cincinnati.
Read her greeting to the choir here. (PDF 611KB)

9. PR campaign
Talk about everything you are doing and document your efforts with your own PR campaign! There surely is a PR talent among your choir members. Maybe there is also a PR agency in your town which counsels you free of charge and appears as a sponsor. Use Facebook, your own homepage, print media, mailings, media cooperation etc.. Try launching reports in your local newspaper. Your choirmaster could give an interview stating how essential mutual singing is for personal development. This interview could be given on the occasion of an event at the local kindergarten during which you inspire the little ones with a lot of fun and enthusiasm for singing! Create such actions yourself so that the newspaper has good reasons to report about your choir. The more you appear in the media the easier it is to win over business companies as sponsors and to animate people to donate.

The "Voices of Unity" from the USA have shown how a great PR campaign works. They attracted the attention of sponsors through the website and gathered enough funds to travel to the 2010 World Choir Games in Shaoxing/China. The efforts have been rewarded, their "Dreams of Gold" came true. 

10. Attract attention!
Be creative! Think of something that might appear unusual at first sight. But mayors and companies like variety and ingenuity! Because that’s how they also attract attention. The press also likes reporting about unusual actions.

The aspiration of Boğaziçi Jazz Choir from Turkey was the participation in the World Choir Championships for Youth and Young Adults in Graz 2011. The singers found a unique way to seek sponsors. They simply sang the spiritual “Joshua fought the battle of Jericho” in the metro, during a rush hour, and uploaded a video to youtube. They attracted high media attention and some weeks later they headed to Graz. 

If you have further questions, our sponsorship department will be glad to help you. E-mail us!