Consultation Rounds

Concerts with Consultation and Evaluation

These concerts are aimed at giving choirs the opportunity to gather international experience without the con-straints and pressures of competition. The purpose is a friendly but expert exchange on the choir's current artistic standard and interpretive, pedagogical and general artistic advice. Choirs get the chance to perform a programme of maximum 15 minutes at these concerts. An international jury, comprised of recognised experts, will evaluate the programmes and make itself available for discussions and suggestions. Each performing choir will receive a certificate of participation with the rating "good", "very good" or "excellent".

Rehearsals with renowned international choral experts

In this part of the festival, international choral experts offer choirs the opportunity to rehearse one item from their repertoire with a member of the international jury or the artistic committee. Again, the main intention here is to help choirs with stimulating and motivating rehearsals that yield valuable artistic ideas and interpretive suggestions, without the constraints of competition conditions, thus exercising a positive influence on the choir's general long-term development. The title to be performed must be stated in the registration form and approved by the artistic committee. It must also be previously practised by the choir so that effective rehearsals can take place.