The new INTERKULTUR World Rakings

INTERKULTUR always strives to offer new types of competitions in order to respond to the choir’s necessities at the best. Thus the number of events is continuously increasing. They are divided into 3 main groups:

  1. World Choir Games, World Choir Championships, Continental Choir Games (Asian Choir Games)
  2. Grand Prix of Choral Music
  3. International competitions 

In order to use a fair rating system for the world ranking list the system was revised again in 2013 and adapted to the new types of events. It will be applied backdated to all events which took place since 2000. 

The most important changes are: 

Due to the new rating system the score and/ or the placing of all choirs might have changed even if a choir participated long time ago!

The reasons: 

New since October 2012:

A separate ranking for Chamber Choirs and Vocal Ensembles. Choirs of this kind find themselves from now on not in one of the other 7 lists any more. Hence there are 8 separate lists which show the level of achievement according to the type of choir or musical genre. 

New from January 2013:

Spiritual is added to the separate ranking for Pop, Jazz and Gospel. An identification mark next to the respective separate ranking indicates in which category the choir took part, i.e. (P) for pop. 

INTERKULTUR thus offers an improved and more fair world ranking list which completely accounts for all performances since 2000. This also applies for the eight separate lists.

The World Rankings as of April 2011 you can found here.