Competition Venue

Masonic Center - Auditorium

The Cincinnati Masonic Center serves as the headquarters for the Cincinnati Masonry with several Masonic organizations using the building. Located on the Fifth Street in downtown Cincinnati, the building is a massive limestone structure that was completed in 1928 from plans by Harry Hake and Charles Kuck. Outstanding rooms in the building are the Eastern Star Room, an adaption of Pompeian design to modern use; Commandery Room, in Tudor Gothic style; and Shrine Hall, Moorish in design and color. These ornate rooms will serve as warm-up and holding rooms during the World Choir Games competitions.

The building’s largest room, the Scottish Rite Cathedral (Auditorium), is a blend of Byzantine and Romanesque architecture designed in the style of a medieval cathedral. It features a fully functioning stage with audio/visual equipment, curtains, and comfortable theater seating for plays, lectures, corporate meetings and other events that demand a most impressive setting. This room will host competitions and special themed Celebration Concerts.