The Organization of INTERKULTUR

Find here the contributors of the INTERKULTUR Organization:

 President and Managing Director - Günter Titsch (Germany)

Günter Titsch (Germany)

  Honorary President - Dr. Walter Scheel (Germany)

Dr. Walter Scheel (Germany)

  Artistic Honorary President - Mikis Theodorakis (Greece)

Mikis Theodorakis (Greece)

 Artistic Honorary President - Morten Lauridsen (USA)

Morten Lauridsen (USA)

 Artistic Honorary President in memoriam - Prof. Eric Ericson (Sweden)

Prof. Eric Ericson (Sweden)

 Artistic Directors

Prof. Dr. Ralf Eisenbeiß (Germany)
Christian Ljunggren (Sweden)

 World Choir Council Presidency



   Prof. Paul
 Honorary President
 in memoriam


   Dipl.-Kfm. Stefan
   Prof. Dr. Ralf

  Representatives and Travel Agents