3rd European Choir Games

July 16 - 23, 2017 Riga, Latvia

Let's sing in Riga!

After the huge success of the World Choir Games 2014 - with 460 international choirs and 27,000 participants from 73 nations the largest World Choir Games ever – choirs from all over the world will again travel to Latvia to celebrate the 3rd European Choir Games and the Grand Prix of Nations Riga 2017.

And with its impressive history of passionate singing, Riga is the ideal location for this event.

Numerous of pedagogical offers, such as Individual Coachings and Evaluation Performances with well-known conductors complement the colorful concert program of the European Choir Games. Beside the broad range of competition and friendship concerts the participating choirs are invited to join the Festival Stage Choir. Together with thousands of singers from all over the world, selected traditional and symphonic choral pieces will be studied and subsequently presented during the Closing Ceremony of the European Choir Games.

Participation Opportunities

This event invites all non-professional choirs of the world to participate, offering fair and realistic competition to experienced competitive choirs as well as to choirs with relatively little international experience.

The Grand Prix of Nations Riga 2017 combined with the 3rd European Choir Games offers the Open Competition, the European Champions Competition and the Grand Prix of Nations. These three competitions allow choirs the opportunity to participate at the appropriate level an even to qualify for the higher levels.

A – Competitions
B – Non-Competitive Evaluation
C – Festival

"Latvia’s culture and art are the best export goods we have. Because those roads that culture opens will become the highways for businesses."

Daniels Pavluts, Minister of Economics, Latvia (WCG Riga 2014)

"I had great time in Riga, working with choirs – individual sessions, jury, master class –totally full hall – no empty chair. My singers were so happy to sing at Mezaparks , be part of the workshop and perform. It was HUGE success."

Zimfira Poloz, Juror, Canada (WCG Riga 2014)

"It was a thoroughly enjoyable, enriching and informative experience.  I really felt I had the chance to 'gel' with new colleagues and that I made many new friends as a result.  I continue with my own work now with new inspiration and enthusiasm."

Katie Thomas, Juror, Great Britain (WCG Riga 2014)

Registration Information

The late registration deadline has passed on February 20, 2017.

If you have not yet registered your choir for organizational reasons, kindly note that you can only register for categories of participation and hotel capacities that are still available at the moment of your registration. An additional registration fee of EUR 100 applies to registrations submitted at this stage.

Please contact us in advance to check if your desired competition and accommodation category is still available and to discuss further details.

Registration Fee
Event Package
Registration Documents

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Event Details

Schedule of the Event
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Participating Groups

Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic
Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Greece
Great Britain, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Italy
Latvia 1
Latvia 2
Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, South Africa, Switzerland, USA



Located in the central part of the country, the metropolis has become a multicultural city where the vast heritage coexists harmoniously with the quick pace of modern living. Riga is also known as a pearl of architecture and home to the largest concentration of Art Nouveau architecture in the world.

Peaceful but at the same time dynamic and diverse, Riga offers experiences for every taste in art, music, theatre or design and a broad range of cultural activities all year around. Nicknamed as the Paris of the North, Riga will surely leave a lasting impression in your sense and sensibility.



A high-level concert featuring Latvian and Scandinavian contemporary spiritual music. #SinginRiga2017 "Northern Lights" takes place on July 18 in Riga Dome Cathedral. #EuropeanChoirGames #choir #choralsinging #choralmusic Read more: http://ow.ly/4R4l30cJP0L
The winner of the Grand Prize 2017 is Queens of Qoro Quando from Finland! Congratulations! #linz2017