Registration Deadline!

The official registration deadline has closed.

If you did not register your choir yet for organizational reasons please contact us via mail(at) to discuss further details.

Registration Fee

To participate in the event the following registration fees have to be paid per choir/ensemble and category as follows:

1. Non-competitive participation

  • Non-competitive Festival Participation
    (Concert Performances only)
    200 €    
  • Evaluation Performance*
    200 €

2. Competitive participation

  • Per competition category*
    200 €
  • Evaluation Performance*
    200 €

*Friendship Concert Performance included.

Important Information

  • Please note that the conditions of the official registration information have to be accepted completely.
  • The event package including accommodation can be booked exclusively through the agencies authorized by the organizer.
  • Otherwise participation in the event will be refused.

Registration Information

Registration Form

Our registration forms can now be filled in online.
In addition, please print the duly completed registration form and send it signed and together with the registration documents via regular mail to our office. Please understand that we cannot accept registration forms which are not signed.