D - Festival Stage Choir

The World Choir Games feature large-scale events staged in world class venues capable of televised and live stage production.

These shows feature massed stage choirs singing a wide-spectrum of music ranging from great choral-symphonic works to pop music. The artistic committee has final approval on selection of choirs who must rehearse independently and arrive prepared for massed rehearsal.

In Rīga, two different Festival Stage Choir-Projects are being offered to the choirs:

Mežaparks - July 13, 2014

This concert will be a highlight of the 8th World Choir Games. Under the direction of Romans Vanags, the Latvian Artistic Director of The Games, thousands of Latvian singers will converge with choirs from around the world to raise their voices in harmonious unity in the huge grounds of Mežaparks, a stage normally used to celebrate the Latvian Song and Dance
Celebration. The traditional songs of Latvia will be featured along with national vocal music from as far away as South Africa, Indonesia, China and Latin America. Even the audience will be invited to sing along, echoing the World Choir Games slogan “Singing together brings nations together.”

Closing Ceremony - July 19, 2014

In the Closing Ceremony, as flags of the participating countries are assembled and the colors of the World Choir Games are handed to the Mayor of the next host city, the Rīga Arena will become a stage for choral fireworks. A massed choir, especially for the event, joined by soloists and orchestra will perform choral symphonic highlights from Handel‘s Hallelujah Chorus to arrangements of current hits. This grand finale is a World Choir Games tradition featuring the “Medley of International Songs”, “Jazz Hallelujah” and “We are the World”.