July 06 – 16, 2016 | Sochi, Russia

Singing together brings nations together

From 2000 onwards the biennial World Choir Games have brought together hundreds of choirs and thousands of attendants from all over the world to celebrate unity and diversity through the art of music. 460 choirs from roughly 60 countries brought 2014 to Riga a human and cultural experience that will inspire millions of others across the globe. Under the motto “Singing together brings nations together", the World Choir Games are an invitation to peace, love and equality sealed with the efforts of those who want to see the world a better place.

Around the choral world in 11 days

The World Choir Games have been a fixed meeting point for the ever-evolving choral world. The world’s largest choral competition takes choirs from all corners of the globe on a 11-day journey through a myriad of invaluable experiences. Whether new on the choral stage or not, choral music expertise, professional guidance and the brilliant pedagogical opportunities that the Games offer make the event impossible to miss. And music is not the only incentive! An exchange of positive human energy, a meeting of common ideals and a thirst for food for the soul make the World Choir Games and the ten-day journey a wonderful feast of human passion.

Welcome to Sochi!

Sochi – the city of the Olympics

Where athletes competed for gold, choirs from all over the world will meet to sing! Following the 2014 Winter Olympics, the eyes of the world will turn once again on Sochi as the host of the World Choir Games 2016. The so called Black Sea Pearl will provide a new platform of international cultural exchange to the choral world in general and to the Russian people in particular. Sochi is unique among larger Russian cities with its scenic Caucasus Mountains, pebble and sand beaches and its spectacular architecture. The largest Russian resort will be soon preparing to step onto the world stage as the host of the 2016 World Choir Games.

Russian choirs at INTERKULTUR Events

Russian choirs have been an integral part of every INTERKULTUR event with about 50 choirs participating every year. They keep pouring enthusiasm, a lot of hard work and high quality singing on our stages and not surprisingly have often grabbed the well-deserved trophies offered in such event, the last being Sing'n'Joy Vienna 2014 where the Gnesins‘ Ensemble of Contemporary Music “Altro coro” conducted by Alexandr Ryzhinskiy was the winner of the prestigious Franz Schubert Choir Prize 2014.

What will we see on the stages of Sochi in 2016? High-quality singing at its best!


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