4th World Choir Games Xiamen/China 2006

July 15 - 26, 2006

About 20,000 participants from 80 nations came to the World Choir Games in China and took part in impressive opening and closing ceremonies in the main hall of the Xiamen Convention Centre, each event fully occupied by over 8,000 visitors. The two opening and two closing ceremonies were broadcasted on television all over China and recorded by numerous national and international broadcasting teams. The press echo was very extensive.

In 26 categories 400 choirs sang in 400 competition appearances for 102 golden, 144 silver and 34 bronze diplomas in the Qualification of the World Choir Games and for 75 gold, 140 silver and 39 bronze medals in the Competition of the World Choir Games. The most successful countries were Republic of Korea, Indonesia, China, Lithuania, and Singapore. 71 choral experts belonged to the international jury. Patron was Zhang Changping, Vice Governor of the Fujian Province. Honorary President of the World Choir Games was from now on the Past President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Walter Scheel.

The MUSICA MUNDI World Ranking List was first presented at the end of the 4th World Choir Games. In the meantime, this list is “the” quality level sign of an ambitious amateur choir worldwide. For the update version of the MUSICA MUNDI World Ranking List please click here.

A very special award for the organisers of the World Choir Games was the construction of the “Choral Wall“ on the coastal road of Xiamen. This wall, made up of five snow-white steles, has the names of all the dignitaries of the 4th World Choir Games eternally preserved in stone – a reference from  the city of Xiamen to the organisation. This “Choral Wall” is located on one of Xiamen’s most beautiful coastal strips, which has been transformed into a sculpture garden on current themes by numerous artists during the past few years.