in cooperation with
People’s Government of the City of Shaoxing

supported by
numerous national and international committees and organizations

Presidency of the World Choir Games
Günter Titsch (General Direction)
President of INTERKULTUR
Zhang, Jinru
General Secretary of the Shaoxing municipal committee of the CPC
Qian, Jianmin
Mayor of the People’s Government of the City of Shaoxing

Honorary President
Walter Scheel
Former President of the Federal Republic of Germany
Prof. Eric Ericson
Honorary Artistic President, Sweden
Mikis Theodorakis
Honorary Artistic President, Greece

Artistic Directors
Prof. Dr. Ralf Eisenbeiß (Germany)
Zheng Xiaoying (China)
Gábor Hollerung (Hungary)
Christian Ljunggren (Sweden)
Jin Yibo (China)

Organization Committee

Wang Qin (Germany/China)
Stefan Timmerberg (Germany)
Stefan Bohländer (Germany)
Piroska Horváth (Germany/Hungary)
He Kan (Germany/China)

Yin Yongjie (China)
Ding Xiaoyan (China)
Zhang Jier (China)
Li Yongxin (China)