in the "Assosciation of International Choir Competitions MUSICA MUNDI"

in cooperation with
The State of Upper Austria
The City of Linz
The Austrian Choral Society
The Austrian Workers Choral Society
The Upper Austrian Choral Society of Salzburg

as well as
The Austrian Radio Network (ORF)
International Choir Associations
Church Organizations
Austrian Social Organizations

Günter Titsch
President of INTERKULTUR

Honorary Presidency

  • Dr. Heinz Fischer
    President of the Austrian National Council
  • Dr. Wolfgang Schüssel
    Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria
  • Elisabeth Gehrer
    Federal Minister of Education, Science and Culture
  • Dr. Benita Ferrero-Waldner
    Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Dr. Martin Bartenstein
    Federal Minister of Economy and Labour
  • Franz Morak
    State Secretary of the Federal Chancellor’s Office
  • Dr. Josef Pühringer
    Prime Minister up Upper Austria
  • Dr. Franz Dobusch
    Mayor of the City of Linz

National Honorary Board

  • Mag. Barbara Prammer
    Representative of the National Council
  • Winfried Seidinger
    Representative of the National Council (retired),
    President of the Austrian Workers Choral Society
  • Government Councillor Herbert Wild
    President of the Austrian Choral Society
  • Mag. Dr. Reinhard Dyk
    Town-Councillor of the Capital City of Linz
  • Dr. h.c. Maximilian Aichern
    Bishop of Linz
  • Mag. Hansjoerg Eichmeyer
    Superintendent of the Diocese of Upper Austria

Artistic Honorary Presidency

  • Prof. Eric Ericson (Sweden)
  • Prof. Petr Eben (Czech Republic)
  • Prof. Gert Frischmuth (Germany)
  • Henry Klausner (Israel)
  • Univ. Prof. Erwin Ortner (Austria)
  • Prof. Paul Wehrle (Germany)


Günter Titsch
President of INTERKULTUR Foundation

Artistic Committee
Prof. Dr. Ralf Eisenbeiß (Germany)
Prof. Fritz Hinterdorfer (Austria)
Gábor Hollerung (Hungary)

Head of the Organising Committee
Piroska Horváth (Germany/Hungary)

Organising Committee
Mag. Konrad Fleischanderl (Austria)
Johann Heindler (Austria)
Legal Advisor Mag. Hans Joachim Holz (Austria)
Legal Advisor Guenter Pichler (Austria)
Thomas Schüle, M.A. (Germany)