Dom im Berg

The unique architecture of the Dom im Berg (Cave Cathedral) makes it another landmark location in Graz. Carved out of the Schlossberg hillside in the heart of the old town, the Dom is an exclusive venue 20 metres wide, 12 metres high and 28 metres deep.

The Schlossberg is also home to one of the city's most important sights: the Uhrturm (clock tower). Although the clock in the tower has struck punctually on the hour since 1712, it is easy to lose track of time at this romantic landmark, with its magnificent views of the city. A tower on this spot of the hill was first mentioned in the 13th century. The mediaeval tower got its present shape around 1560, when the fortress was reconstructed. Its characteristic wooden gallery was used as a fire lookout point and a special bell was rung in the event of a fire.

Two lifts connect Schlossbergplatz, Dom im Berg and the clock tower on the Schlossberg.