Touristic Information

Surrounded by scenic rice fields, the historic seaport of Hoi An (in English it means "peaceful meeting place") is located directly at the South China Sea in Central Vietnam. Hoi An was once the largest port in Southeast Asia. It was considered to be one of the most important ports of the Silk Road. Already in the 4th century traders from Arabia, Persia, India and China anchored here. 

In 1999, the beautiful old town of Hoi An was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Down to the present day, the old trader's houses are located here, on the shore of the Thu Bon River and in peaceful lanes. Everywhere you'll find excellent restaurants, galleries and, of course, colorful lantern shops. Walking around you'll come across temples, pagodas and religious shrines over and over again. Vietnamese traditions mix with Japanese and Chinese elements – symbols of far-reaching historical ties. Time seems to stand still here, in the midst of all the original buildings, bridges and streets. However, you're always surrounded by the lively Vietnamese everyday life with its traditions and cultural activities – a fascinating experience!

Hoi An is one of the most beautiful and charming destinations you can visit in Asia. In 2013 Hoi An was chosen on rank 17 of the Top 25 Destinations in Asia (TripAdvisor).

The date for the event was chosen quite deliberately. April is the best time to travel to Hoi An. You and your choir can expect maximum temperatures of 25 °C. The venues are located directly at the beach side. So you can have a refreshing swim after a hot singing competition.

During the event the famous festival "Hoi An Full Moon" will take place. In this night all electric lights throughout the city are going to be switched off. All illumination will be provided only by countless candles and lanterns. Enjoy the indescribable atmosphere that is going to be presented to you that evening in Hoi An!

Hoi An is very easy to reach via the nearby airport in Danang. The accommodations for the choirs range from simple but clean guest houses to 4 star hotels of high quality standards. Choose a suitable accommodation for your choir.

Come to Vietnam with your choir and experience a country where ancient traditions and modern life come together in perfect harmony. Be part and enjoy the magic of the city
of Hoi An! 

Welcome to Vietnam!