The American Int. Choral Festival - St. Louis 2010

November 17 – 21, 2010

For the first time on American soil a festival was introduced that combines the best of the American and the international festival traditions. The American International Choral Festival was a meeting place for choir conductors, American and international choirs as well as between singing traditions from all parts of the world and the strong US choral movement.

In workshops and evaluation performances the participating choirs and choir conductors got to know national and international choral literature, singing styles and performance practices. The choirs took part in concerts and other big events, where they were not only be able  to perform in front of an interested and interesting audience, but did also benefit by listening to international groups. Moreover, they had the opportunity to experience the excitement of choral competitions.

Through a series of concerts, from gala concerts to friendship concerts this city transformed into a "singing city" for these five days in November 2010.