About Reno Tahoe and Lake Tahoe

Reno Tahoe is more than a mecca for alpine adventure, it’s also a place that embraces the quirky, a recreational area where you can confidentially stroll off the beaten track and be rewarded with unique experiences.

Located in the heart of the American "Wild West", Reno Tahoe has always been…far beyond all expectations.  What began as a small community built to serve westward travelers in the mid-1800s, Reno has become a bustling city that acts as a gateway to outdoor adventure in Nevada and northern California. Within an hour’s drive, there are ski resorts, golf courses, the old state capital of Carson City, several lakes, beautiful rivers and thousands of hiking and cycling trails and the beautiful Truckee River, which runs right through the center of Reno.

While the region has always set value on the numerous recreational opportunities – everything from skiing, to kayaking, hiking and cycling – there’s also a calmer side to our little corner of the Sierra. Visitors here will find an increasing revival of the city center, completed by a sprouting arts district, shopping heaven throughout Reno Tahoe and endless hotspots to dance the night away.

Within a short drive is Virginia City, one of Nevada’s first settlements and once the home to author Mark Twain. Here, lovers of history can be taken back in times of cowboy saloons and preserved buildings.

No visit to Reno Tahoe is complete without a visit to the shores of the "Jewel of the Sierra", the Lake Tahoe. Located within a 30-minutes drive of downtown Reno and the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, Lake Tahoe is a national treasure where visitors can enjoy snow sports in the winter and water sports in the summer.

With its outdoor adventures, colorful history, vibrant cultural center and the night life Reno Tahoe is the perfect holiday destination. Blessed with a natural beauty is the Lake Tahoe, the “Jewel of the Sierra”, one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the U.S.A.