Evaluation Performance and Individual Coaching

Recommended for every choir wishing to gain professional experience that might help their artistic development. This possibility has been highly popular among the choirs which took part at previous INTERKULTUR events.

Evaluation Performance

This possibility is available for choirs that do not participate in the competition as well for competing choirs.

Non-competing choirs will sing a programme of three pieces for a maximum performance time of 15 minutes before a panel of international experts. Choirs, who are participating in the competition, will present their competition programme the day before the competition is starting (evaluation does not involve preliminary decisions regarding the competition result!).

At the conclusion of the programme there will be a brief internal consultation of the panel of choral experts. Finally, the performance is discussed with the choir in an open and amicable atmosphere. Performance coaching and recommendations will be given for future participation in international competitions. The choirs will receive an official certificate of participation.

Individual Coaching

All the participants – whether they take part at the competition or not - have the possibility to rehearse with an respected choral music expert.

Process of the rehearsal
Choirs interested in making use of this opportunity are required to prepare one piece of choral music. An internationally respected choral music expert will then rehearse the piece with the choir to provide new artistic ideas and impetus. Choirs not participating in the competition are presented a certificate and a recommendation for their future participation in international choral competition.