Evaluation Performances

For competition participants

The day before the competition, competing choirs may present their competition program before the international jury for constructive advice for improve means. All jurors are outstanding choir directors with extensive artistic and pedagogical experience. The diversity of their opinions and approaches provide source of inspiration for participating choirs. This is artistic and pedagogical trademark of INTERKULTUR competitions. This performance evaluation does not involve preliminary decisions regarding the competition result.

For festival participants

These concerts give choirs opportunity to gain international experience without competition. The purpose is a friendly but expert exchange on the choir's current artistic standard and interpretive, pedagogical and general artistic advice given by the international jury. All choirs get the chance to perform a program at these concerts (max. 15 minutes).  Each performing choir will receive a certificate of participation and on request an evaluation with the rating "good", "very good" or "excellent" together with a recommendation letter for future participation at INTERKULTUR competitions.

Individual Coaching by an international choral expert

For competition and festival participants

There will be an opportunity to hold a rehearsal with one of the international jurors (for choirs taking part in competition, one piece from their competition program). The aim of this event is to offer choirs stimulating rehearsals in which they can receive valuable artistic ideas and interpretative guidance. The piece must already have been practised by the choir to an extent which makes effective rehearsal possible.