Roberto Beccaria (IT)

Every Time You Feel the Spirit:

Workshop with Roberto Beccaria (IT)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Roberto Beccaria is a composer, arranger, choir conductor and music teacher. He developed his afroamerican interest and study in 1984, when traditional spirituals and gospels music was still an unexplored field in Italy. In these thirty years he produced hundreds concerts with his choirs, experimenting the various expressions and moods of afroamerican music, from worksongs and old traditionals spirituals to modern and contemporary gospel, in many formations, a cappella and with band. In 2006 he published his first important composition: the “Missa Trust in Jesus”, performed under his direction at the opening concert of the International Choir Festival  in Riva del Garda 2007. He's frequently invited as adjudicator in national and international choir competitions. His last project freshly published in 2013: Musica, Maestra!, (Edizioni Sonda, Casale Monferrato), a handbook with didactical thoughts and suggestions about “music education”, written with Francesco Bertone and Maria Teresa Milano.

Every Time You Feel the Spirit / duration ca. 90'

Singing in a choir is a wonderful human and musical experience.

Workshop partecipants, leaded by Roberto, will hold the experience of creating the vocal harmony, blending each voice with the others, everyone bringing his own musical background, starting from warm up intonation and rhythm, having fun with call and response, building up four or five parts songs, discovering with dance approach the “swing style” peculiar of the afroamerican music tradition.

Mia Makaroff (FIN)

The Loop Machine: Circle group improvising

Workshop with Mia Makaroff (FIN)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mia Makaroff is a composer, arranger and music teacher. Finnish folklore and poetry are great sources of inspiration in her composing work. Many well-known song groups and choirs have brought Mia Makaroff’s music to a wider audience, such as Rajaton, King's Singers, Amarcord and others. In 2006 she was asked to participate in an international Song Bridge-choir project as a composer. She has been teaching in master courses about composing for children's choirs, in Neerpelt 2008 and Aosta 2010, and worked also as a juror and a lecturer in choir competitions and festivals. 2012 was the premier of her first musical for children and adults called Kruunulapset, “Crown Children”.
Her workshop are directed to children and teenagers on rhythmic: making loops with singers, using the circle singing technique and improvising with some element of their written music or when they want to experiment or understand a scale for example.

The loop machine / duration ca. 90’

Have fun, experiment and improvise in a group with no pressure at all!

Circle singing is a well-known method that is commonly used in African traditional music and jazz singer training.
Circle singing can be used as a tool to get the choir to learn a musical element in depth or learning music theory or improvising in a group.
In the workshop, we will sing and play with sounds and rhythms, try different measures and music texture styles, explore Kodály-based solfège, and thus take all the advantage of a very simple circle singing method.

Kirby Shaw (USA)

Instant Soul Clinic

Workshop with Kirby Shaw (USA)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kirby Shaw has made a major impact in choral music education and has shared his musical expertise all around the world. His teaching is infused with a sense of humor and breadth of knowledge that is transmitted in an exciting and highly contagious manner.
Kirby has scatted one-on-one with such noteables as Bobby McFerrin, Al Jarreau, Chris Calloway, Jon Hendricks and as composer and arranger with over 2,500 choral arrangements/ compositions in print, Kirby's music is sung around the world and has sold nearly 20 million copies. This creative and prolific output has resulted in numerous ASCAP awards.

Soulful singing

Developing your musical point of view (you are unique) ...

  • Lyrics are your friend
  • Word Repetition
  • Word Painting
  • Listening Skills ... be a detective!

Vocal Ornamentation

  • Anticipation
  • Lower Neighbor
  • Upper Neighbor
  • Appoggiatura
  • Passing Tone ... and much, much more!

In less than one hour you'll be singing American popular music more soulfully than ever before! With an introduction reflecting back to his youth listening to the radio, Kirby vividly illustrates the difference between the white music he first heard, and the black radio he then fell in love with: soul!
Along with the audience, who demonstrate each example, we are shown how to 'mess with the melody,' using vocal ornaments such as the appoggiatura, upper and lower neighbor et cetera.