Lars Högberg, Kammarkören Sångkraft, Sweden (Graz, GP 2011)

"I want to thank you for the wonderful festival/competition in Graz! Me and my choir still have a crazy (Grazy?) smile on our faces when we talk about all the things we experienced during our stay - the concerts, meeting other choirs, the FilmHarmonieConcert, the Old City, the hotel, your food, the beer etc.! I am fascinated how well everything was organized. I have organized many group journeys to similar events, both Interkultur and non-Interkultur-events, and I have never had so few problems to solve."

Kicki Rosen-Bejstam, Haga Sävedalens Ungdomskör, Sweden (Graz, WCC + GP 2011)

"Thank you for a wonderful time in Graz!! It was so nice to meet you all! My singers enjoyed the stay very much. We had a very nice time and we were so well taken cared of. Especially in the concerts. Beautiful places and very nice people! I am very proud to be an INTERKULTUR representative! Everything was very well organized."

Zorica Kozlovacki, Mixed Youth Choir of the Music School "Josif Marinković", Serbia (Graz, WCC 2011)

"We had such a great time! Enjoyed singing and competition, and the wonderful time which we spend in Graz. My choir singers have a millions of photos and they spend hours on FB commenting what they did in Graz. [...] I heard a lot of great choirs. I 'm happy how we sung and presented to jury. And I 'm proud for my three medals. Thank you for your time and patient. You always find solution for every problem."

Grupo Chorus, Brazil (Graz, GP 2011)

"It was a great pleasure to meet you too. We are very happy at home. In fact, Austria is a lovely country and this event was a remarkable in our lives. Especially the show FilmHarmony was something wonderful that we never see in Brazil. Thanks for all!"

Vox Animae, Croatia (Graz, WCC 2011)

"We had great time in Graz and heard music like we didn't ever before. We had rather successfull performance ourselves, and this competition will give us the boost to try harder and improve. Everything regarding organization was outstanding and precise. Anyway thank you [...] to interkultur for making such great event."

Irina Trushina, Youth Chamber Choir "Laudamus", Russia (Graz, WCC 2011)

"Laudamus is back home where it's now as warm as it was in Graz during the wonderful week of the competition. I would like to thank you once again for your help, fast replies and solving all the problems and questions that our choir had during the preparation period! It is very important to us!"

Andrea Turzó, Lautitia Gyermekkar and Lautitia Ifjúsági Vegyeskar, Hungary (Graz, WCC 2011)

"We would like to thank you for all your kindness and support. It was really a great and successful event for all of us."