2nd Grand Prix of Choral Music

July 10 - 17, 2011, Graz (Austria)

Choral singing at its best!

A competition of the world’s best choirs

Apart from the World Choir Games and the World Choir Championships the Grand Prix of Choral Music is the third column of INTERKULTUR’s major events. The world’s best choirs of any age meet here to determine the winners of the Grand Prix.

In July 2011 the Grand Prix of Choral Music took place in Graz, Austria. The participants constantly emphasized enthusiastically the hospitable atmosphere and the city’s central location in the heart of Europe.

The Grand Prix of Choral Music took place at the same time as the first World Championships for Youth and Young Adults in Graz. All in all roughly 120 choirs from around the world had come to Austria. Apart from a parade of the choirs, open air concerts in the city centre, daily performances of prize winners and gala concerts in a great atmosphere there were many possibilities to hear choirs from all over the world. For a whole week the singers made the city of Graz and the state of Styria resound.

The Grand Prix of Choral Music is a highlight for choirs which have been demonstrating a high artistic level for a long time. Choirs, which are singing on a high level but don’t have a long lasting experience in competitions or haven’t taken part in international competitions for a long time, get the chance to give a concert on the spot to qualify for the Grand Prix. The best choir of each category has become the “Champion of the Grand Prix of Choral Music”.