Competition Location

Independent artists and ensembles, "Open House" during the Steirischer Herbst arts festival, meetings and consultations with artists and experts, discos and dances etc. – all these found the space to exist, but the city authorities wanted more and delved deep into the coffers to find some money for the "Orpheum"!

Today, the "Graz Orpheum" is one of the most popular event venues in Austria and the artists who have already performed here would make quality additions to any "Who Is Who?" almanac in their respective fields!

One of the Orpheum's special features is that it is available to almost anybody and does not aspire to specialize in anything. Event organizers, artists and above all, audiences have confirmed and vindicated this concept: the curtain is raised more than 300 times per season in either the big or small hall and more than 100,000 visitors per season (September to July) flock to the Orpheum.