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This expansive and lavishly decorated hall combines the attraction of historical walls with the joie de vivre of the Baroque era. The prestigious chamber, with its excellent acoustics, is a superb venue for diverse events and can seat as many as 342 people for performances or concerts.

Originally, the Minoritensaal was the summer refectory of the Minorite Monastery, thus, it was the dining room of the friars. It was one of the Minorites’ most generous patrons, Johann Seyfried von Eggenberg, who commissioned the Italian architect Joachim Carlone to build the two-storey building in the year 1691. On the front wall of the hall is a particularly eye-catching monumental painting, the "Christ's Feeding of the Multitude" (J. B. Raunacher, 1732).

The walls are covered with stucco lustro marble paneling and paintings. The impressive mirrored vault boasts splendid stucco work and frescoes by Antonio Maderni. Above the main entrance is the pulpit, from which the Holy Scripture was read to the friars while they ate, so that both body and soul received sustenance.