"Voci dal Lido" - International Choir Festival

April 8 - 12, 2015 | Jesolo, Italy

Jesolo belongs to one of the top travel destinations in North Italy. Spacious beaches and the excellent infrastructure welcome visitors from all over the world to a city with an enticing ambiance.

During the last years more and more choirs and ensembles have chosen attractive touristic destinations for their concert tours. Since 2012 INTERKULTUR organises the very successful international choir festival „Canta al Mar“ in Calella, Spain, a similar and popular place for choirs.

„Voci dal Lido“ unites the advantages of an international choir competition with outstanding possibilities for performances in one of Italy’s most stunning regions. The international choir competition comprises 13 categories with different levels of difficulty, casts and genres. The focus of this event is on mutual singing of the international choirs. INTERKULTUR gets together choirs and ensembles in an easy-going atmosphere so that they can learn from each other and motivate one another.

In addition to the INTERKULTUR event Target Travel, a specialised travel agency, offers excursions and possibilities for concerts in churches and at squares in Venice and the surroundings.

We cordially invite all kinds of choirs to join us in Jesolo in April 2015 in order to celebrate a grand festival of choral music.

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